Our Story

At the center of every Filipino family gathering is a matriarch - a woman who takes on the brave task of putting together a glorious spread of stews, roasts and grilled fare from "back home."  She is a woman who, despite way too many women in the kitchen, meandering children, and hour-late (at least) guests, brings everyone together over good food and good times.  She is a mother, grandmother, aunt, or family friend more lovingly referred to as "Inay."

Inay Filipino Kitchen is built on the belief that a Filipino celebration is an experience to be enjoyed by all.  Our commitment is to bring traditional Filipino food to the mainstream American consumer in contemporary fast food settings.  We strive to develop relationships with as many first-time Filipino food consumers as possible, while creating a product and value that the Filipino-American community can take pride in and patronize.  

We hope you enjoy.

From Our Family to Your's